Thursday, November 12, 2009

~~Certificate of Live Birth~~

Okay, if this document is real, and I assume it is, I was born, Martha Mary Parisotto, to Frances L. Parisotto at 4:06pm on July 16, 1964. She is white and lives on a farm in the County of Christian, in Cooper Township, RR 1, Rochester, IL.

The next line lists my father as John Wayne Parisotto, a white laborer (miner), 21 years old and working at Clay Products Company.

The following lines are about mother. Her maiden name is listed as Frances Louise Wells, a 17-year-old white woman. Her birthplace was also Springfield, IL. But what is interesting is that there are no marriage records proving that my mother and father ever married.

The attending physician was John M. Holland, 700 N. 7th Street, Springfield.
There are two "John M. Hollands" still living in Springfield. I am sure he wouldn't remember me.

The only other “odd” piece of information is the signature of a clerk and the date, May 3rd, 1968.

I know I was put into a foster home between the ages of 11 months and four or five years. Was this the date my father and “new” mother retrieved me? What is this about?

I looked up Cooper Township, and Rochester is a tiny, farming community, or at least it was at the time. It seems quite non-descript; nothing notable here. I couldn’t even find a Clay Products Company.

I am clearly from nowhere.


Anne said...

Not all seems kosher, so to speak, does it? Anne

Sarah said...

Do you have a birth certificate from the county or a certificate of live birth? They are different in Illinois.