Monday, November 9, 2009

~~So, What is Worse?~~

I asked the Universe to send me guidance for purpose. When I was quiet, the answer appeared, "Find missing people...and start with your mother." I responded by starting the search for my mother.  

After I got the realization that my father may have murdered her and lied about it my entire life, I fell into a very lonely place. I need help through the pain, the maze of confusion, and the rage.  

I searched the internet for "people like me" that have been through this.  No luck.  There is all kinds of help out there for people that have lost a spouse or a child to murder.  But I sure couldn't find a support group for grown children who realize that one of their parents killed the other parent and lied about it for decades.

So...again...I put a request out again to the Universe.  "Is there anyone out there like me and going through this?"  Once again, the Universe responded.

I came in after a long, wonderful outing at in the majestic Catalina mountains in southern Arizona.  I wasn't ready to go to bed, so I started channel surfing.  Because of my new "vocation," I rested on "48 Hours." The story was about a woman whose father murdered her mother when she was 11 years old.  He then raised his daughter to believe that her mother abandoned her.  Here is the link to the story,

The investigator in the case asked,

"What is worse?
Being abandoned by your mother or your father murdering your mother?"

I found the woman this morning and reached out to her via email.  I wonder if she will reach back.


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Anne said...

I sure hope so! Anne