Tuesday, December 1, 2009

~~Active, Aching Buzz~~

The white hot pain of my reality has morphed into an active, aching buzz.  When I look right at the situation, the pain is too intense to feel...like wanting to feel the heat of the fire, but the pain makes you pull back.

I am quite frustrated about the lack of information and help.  No one cares, it seems, and really, that is understandable.  I need to go to the area of my mother's birth and youth to knock on doors.  She must have had friends and/or family that would know her or about her.

Net/net: I must find the truth...for her.

1 comment:

kbear said...

the journey is long and hard sometimes, but always worth the process. i know you will persevere despite the struggles. all the pain will be worth the knowledge once achieved. hang in there...