Monday, December 21, 2009

~~Makes Sense~~

A friend asked me how I came about realizing that my new career should be one of private investigations and research, after all, she knew I was really struggling in my feeling of "lack of purpose."

I was struggling.  I kept reading "More" magazine, the magazine targeted toward women of a "certain age."  I read each issue full of stories of women who are "reinventing themselves" and finding purpose again...or possibly for the first time in life.  

Rather than finding inspiration in the pages, I actually felt depressed.  How can these women become so successful and I can't find a job, a "real" client (everyone loves my ideas and coaching, but no one loves to pay), or purpose.

I moved to a new state...which may as well be a new country because the business/social atmosphere out here is worlds different than Texas.  The economy tanked. And I was wondering around aimlessly.  Not my style.

I was indeed struggling.  And then I took time away from the struggle and away from the state to visit my friend Anne in Kansas City.  She encouraged me to find my birth mother.  And unwittingly inspired my new passion.  Since I've started my search quest, I realized that I have a real knack and patience for sifting through documents and putting pieces of human puzzles together.

By taking a VACATION from the struggle, my new purpose came to ME.  I was chasing an invisible goal.  

Since taking the training, I have already helped many people in ways that were just a hope for them.  

My education, experience, ability to connect with people in a safe way, my patience and persistence makes my new vocation make sense.

So...maybe the moral of the story is to stop struggling and stop searching.  Keep your heart, mind and eyes open so that when the opportunity/answer presents itself, you are squarely prepared.  And one more thing can only help: FAITH!

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Now THAT'S my girl!!! Anne