Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~~Proceed with Caution~~

As I move down the road of learning about people and becoming a skip tracer, I need to proceed with caution.

"Finding out" about people, events and situations can be like fire--it can warm the  heart or it can burn the soul.  Maybe both.  I am living the paradox. 

Once we know something, we own it forever.

I am helping people answer yet unanswered questions in their lives.  I must continually ask myself...and my "clients" the questions, "When is enough enough?  When shall we stop?  Do we stop?  Do we let go?  Or to we dig until all the shit is uncovered once and for all?"  

These are questions that must be asked and answered continuously.  

Example:  I "found" the father of a woman recently.  Turns out that he is not only a rapist, but a murderer...several times over.  Did we need to know that?  Did we need to find the picture of him holding his prisoner identification number?  

Perhaps...but best to proceed with caution....

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Anne said...

Be there in a few days. Can't wait to see you and your sweet face. Cheers! Anne