Friday, January 8, 2010

~~Boot Camp, Day Three~~

Day three of boot camp~~

I had no clue that I couldn't run one single mile. I can't run ONE PUNY mile!  WTF?!  (Of course, I don't care....and I'm sick with a nasty there!)

The gals at the camp are chatty cathies... I like that because I tend NOT to be chatty...unless I am dipping into the Ketel One dirty martinis!  

One chatty cathie thought that we needed to hear...blow by blow...the sounds of her husband barfing violently into the bowl this morning.  So many things we just don't need to know!!

Am I sore yet?  (with laughter!)

p.s. John, the instructor, let us all in on a piece of male secret code:  We ignore women...when they are talking!    (Big surprise there, huh?)

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Anne said...

I say "SKY" is the limit! Anne