Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~~Boot Camp, Part Deux~~

I never thought I'd say that "boot camp" is funny!  But it is.  Or maybe I am just hallucinating so that I make it through.

Right before I had to leave to go this morning, the telephone rang.  It was a very upsetting (and still unresolved) problem that stabs the core of who I am. And frankly, very few people--if any--truly know me.

Anyway, this was a definite test from the if I need yet another test.  After crying my eyes out, do I go?  Or do I use this incident as an excuse to skip out?  I was tempted.  But that means that I would fail the test.  I wanted to pass.  So I went, and I passed the test.

The women at boot camp are amazing.  They seem so "real," as opposed to the typical "Snottsdale" broad. They do seem a bit spoiled, but then again, so am I. 

The trainer, John, is far from the "buff bonehead" that I wrote yesterday. He is down to earth and really seems to care about his clients systemically. That is, he seems to care about the totality of a person's health: mental, physical, etc.  Maybe he is just faking it.

Sore, but happy I went. Problem is still unresolved, and I am crying again.  But hey, if I didn't go this morning, the problem would still be unresolved...and I would have failed.

I passed.

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Lori said...

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Hope it continues to go well for you.