Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Castle Tales

A girlfriend emailed me last night to invite me to run a "special errand" with her.  I thought she was going to buy a dog.  Oh...I was so wrong!  She wanted to go to the local "adult" mega store.  Sure!  I am always up for a spontaneous adventure. we go.  I got firm instructions before we went in.  "Do not talk to anyone.  Do not laugh. Do not use my name!  I know how you are!" 

She put on her shades and walks in... OH MY!  What a "super" store!

Where do we go first???  Well... I know what her "mission" we go straight for the toys, the ones that do funny things.  I pick one up and it goes off!  I YELL, "How the f#*k do I turn this thing off!"

Okay...that was just in the first five minutes.................

Now that I know what she "needs," I go on the hunt.... hmmmmm..... here are some that she didn't see, so I yell, "Suzy!  There are some more over here!!!"   (OOPS....yelling her name across the store......)

I'm dying laughing...and she is on a serious mission....

When she can't decide between two, I say, "I'm sure they'll let you try them!"  She was not amused.  I was!

She decides on taking both of I helpfully say, "They'll let you bring the one you don't like back."  Again, she is not amused....

Then...the best part... She was timing the sale so that a woman...not the creepy old guy...would ring the sale.  He walks up and tells her, "I'll help you over here."

She is DYING!!!

He tells her that he must check the batteries.... she is REALLY DYING...and what is her best friend doing???  TAKING PICTURES of this!!!

He is unwrapping her toys, taking out the batteries, exchanging them.  He is carrying her toys around while she is mortified!!! 

He then proceeds to show her how it works, "This button makes it go this way.  That button makes it go the other way."

I am peein' in my pants at all this!!!!

We leave and I am laughing my ass off.

She punches me.


Anne said...

Tater and I are not amused!

Anonymous said...

I told you will be fun(Handy-Manny)