Saturday, February 27, 2010

~~Chilean Earthquake~~

Thankfully, we got out just in time!~  Currently in Brazil, and the tsumamis are expected on the other side of the country.

Boarding the plane at 10p tonight... Home in the safe zone on Sunday morning.

We are truly lucky...and truly thankful!!!

Thank you, Everyone, for caring so much!  Love you!!

...more later...

Friday, February 26, 2010

~~South America~~

If you know me, you know that I love adventure and seek it nearly every day, in some form or another.

Well, as I am in South America, I needn't seek adventure.  It seeks me! 

Hmmm.....Where to start?  Oh...did you know that it costs $132 to get into Chile?  It costs Canadians $32.  The reason?  The perception is that Americans are "richer" than Canadians.  How fascinating.  And it only took two hours to get through customs.

Off we go to visit the coast at Pichilemu.  On the way, we stop at a few wineries.  If Chile has anything to brag about, it is the lovely landscape  and outstanding, under-rated wines.  Oh, and they are quite inexpensive.

Town and after town seemed like villages in Mexico, with people driving wildly in and out of traffic, motorcyclists splitting lanes to get through faster, bicyclists with overstuffed goods making their way through all the mess.

And along the highways, every 500 yards or so, are fruit stands, stuffed with mangos, melons, peaches, apples, avocados, and other stuff I've never seen.

We cannot speak the language, so we just pointed and stuck out the pesos we had to let the guy take what he needed.  Hope he was honest.  Whatever.

Off we go again, but we were hungry.  We didn't know what we may or may not come upon, but we did come upon McDonald's!  WooHOO!!  I was so proud to order, "Dos 'whatever' para dos coka lights, por favor." And I was even prouder to be able to offer the correct amount of pesos.  (I still don't know how to say "ketchup.")

We then cruise through Santa Cruz, a cute little town that was setting up for a weekend of festivals.  We were still making our way to Pichilemu beach. It was quite a bit further than it seemed on the map.  We reached the beaches, and wow...they were beautiful!  And were massively crowded.

We were so optimistic that we'd find a room there; huge mistake.  We drove for over 400 kilometers and found no room; no vacancies anywhere.

Our only hope was to drive all the way back to Santa Cruz and hope there would be a room. 

We weren't even tired when we got back to the town; we were dazed and exhausted. We turned the corner to see a huge structure with a sign, "Colchuagua Casino."  I said, "I wonder if there is a motel attached?"  So, I jumped out of the may have still been moving, ran in, and asked Ricardo, "Vacancy, por favor??"

"Yes, we have one room!"  "Hold on! Let me get my purse!"  I ran out to get my purse, ran back in, and there was another couple in front of me asking for a room! 

Oh no!! I get Ricardo's attention by flashing my credit card so Ricardo could see. O Mio Dios!  He turned them away to give me the room.

We felt so fortunate, so fortunate and so exhausted that we decided to stay for two nights.

It really was lovely...and we really were lucky.

.....more later.....



Monday, February 22, 2010


For me, it is has always been important to keep a bucket list.  I never called it that until I saw the movie, Bucket List.  It was simply my list of things I wanted to do in my life. 
  • Become a wonderful mother
  • Cook with creativity and flare
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Play golf
  • Learn about wine
  • Go deep sea fishing
  • Write so that people will feel
  • Speak so people can hear
  • Travel to to beautiful places and learn about different cultures. 
  You get the idea; having a bucket list allows us to look forward to so much.  

Sometimes things pop up on our bucket list like my current destination...Chile.

Will write more....stay tuned...and stay amused...and if Chile is on your bucket might want to empty it.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Tiggy Too loves to the POTTY~!!~

 So I had to introduce him to the POOL~!!~


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~~TMI~~ (ya think?)

Boot camp can be it can be.

One woman was so mad at her husband that she ran out of a fight they were having without her gear.  Someone even had to give her their extra water.  

He wanted to "make up" and "cuddle" this morning. She came to boot camp instead. How nice.

Another woman shared that she skipped all last week because she had hemorrhoids.  Really.

Someone else announced that "Boot Camp is a break for me!"

Then there was the woman that said that she refuses to buy the right size top because she is in denial about her boobs.  She wears tops so tight that her boobs are squooshed up to her neck!

Which one am I?  TMI!


Friday, February 5, 2010



Everyday seems to be an adventure...when you are ME!

I went to the store today and was buying some beer.  Although I am not a beer drinker, sometimes a beer is just better!

The "boy" "checking me out" (yes, any way you take it is correct), said to me, "Are you sure you are over 21? I have to be sure, you know."

I responded, "Oh...whatEVER!"

I swiped the credit card, and it got stuck because I wasn't paying attention.  I said, "Oh phuck!  It's stuck!  You got me all verklempt!!"

The woman behind me howled with laughter, saying that I made her year because that was so funny.

I said, "Too bad you don't know me because I am hilarious!."  She said, "Oh, after THAT, I DO know you!"

The boy stared in amazement at our exchange.

I went on (as I tend to do), and told her, "My girlfriend and I went on a road trip yesterday and my arm is bruised because she kept hitting me for being 'inappropriate.'"  

More howling with laughter and staring ensued. 

She and the boy thanked me for being there.

Going to the store....what an adventure.