Friday, February 5, 2010



Everyday seems to be an adventure...when you are ME!

I went to the store today and was buying some beer.  Although I am not a beer drinker, sometimes a beer is just better!

The "boy" "checking me out" (yes, any way you take it is correct), said to me, "Are you sure you are over 21? I have to be sure, you know."

I responded, "Oh...whatEVER!"

I swiped the credit card, and it got stuck because I wasn't paying attention.  I said, "Oh phuck!  It's stuck!  You got me all verklempt!!"

The woman behind me howled with laughter, saying that I made her year because that was so funny.

I said, "Too bad you don't know me because I am hilarious!."  She said, "Oh, after THAT, I DO know you!"

The boy stared in amazement at our exchange.

I went on (as I tend to do), and told her, "My girlfriend and I went on a road trip yesterday and my arm is bruised because she kept hitting me for being 'inappropriate.'"  

More howling with laughter and staring ensued. 

She and the boy thanked me for being there.

Going to the store....what an adventure.


Anne said...

That was funny! It is an adventure with you. YESTERDAY the entire day was an adventure. I'm still tired. Even my ankles hurt. We need some jewels!!

Tressa Bailey said...

Love getting carded! I beat myself up for being vain.....but damn I love it!