Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~~TMI~~ (ya think?)

Boot camp can be it can be.

One woman was so mad at her husband that she ran out of a fight they were having without her gear.  Someone even had to give her their extra water.  

He wanted to "make up" and "cuddle" this morning. She came to boot camp instead. How nice.

Another woman shared that she skipped all last week because she had hemorrhoids.  Really.

Someone else announced that "Boot Camp is a break for me!"

Then there was the woman that said that she refuses to buy the right size top because she is in denial about her boobs.  She wears tops so tight that her boobs are squooshed up to her neck!

Which one am I?  TMI!


1 comment:

Anne said...

Oh Darlin' You're all of the above. Do you have lipstick prints on your boobies? Are we on for lunch tomorrow? Smooches to Tater.