Thursday, April 8, 2010

~~Moms are funny~~

Sooo... My mother-in-law is a lovely woman, 85, and bed-bound.  She has bright eyes and a wonderful smile.  She is on hospice and is virtually unable to communicate.  However, she has moments of bursting light.

Yesterday, I wheeled her from her home to the dentist, as one of her teeth broke.  Due to a miss-communication, we were there over an hour early!  UGH!  

Mom was in and out of sleep in her wheel chair, but when she was aware, she was VERY AWARE.  Enjoy her loud...and in front of everyone.....observations...

"MiMi, you have pretty fingernails."

"You have a black eye. Does it hurt?"  

"You are one tough lady."

"Your eyes are pretty."

" have big BOOBS!"

Yes.... moms are funny.....  

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Lori said...

She sounds like an interesting lady!