Friday, April 9, 2010


Someone from Springfield responded to my reach is my response to her.... (It is my policy not to use names in my blog, so please understand the blank spaces.)


At age 45, I am embarrassed to tell you that I am afraid to share, as I lived a horrible life because of my father.  I was born, at St. John's, as Martha Mary Parisotto.  My brother, 11 months older was born A F Parisotto.  My "father" is J W Parisotto.

I have never met my mother, and I "KNOW" something terrible must have happened to her.  I am very afraid that my father, living in southern Illinois will, once again, scare people in Springfield so that they will not talk with me about what really happened. 

My father was TERRIBLY much so that his rights as a parent were terminated by the state of Illinois.  I became a ward of the court....again.

If this is too scary or difficult for you, please tell me.  I will truly understand.


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