Monday, May 3, 2010

~~Derby Day~~

The "GIRLS" and I had a wonderful Derby Day!  We donned our fancy dresses and our lovely hats to have a grand day!~

First, we pranced into a betting bar, Brennans, and stole the show!  Everyone stared in awe at all of our "fine-ness."

We left feeling like we were already winners!

Next, we were off to brunch at Gainey Ranch/Hyatt.  Our debauchery was too much for they moved away from us.  I think it was the, "Oh phor phuck's sake" that caused that episode.  

I think someone even said, "You are problem-matic!" And with our softest southern drawl, we responded, "Why, thank you, dahlin'!"

After brunch, we picked up a whole poached SALmon and shrimp for derby snacking at Anne's.

We WERE winners! 

Annie:  $22.
Fanny:  $37.
Tranny:  $96.

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