Thursday, May 27, 2010

~~Here we go~~

I am in St. Louis now, as I will be attending my great uncle's wife's surprise birthday party (her 80th) on Saturday evening.  None of us have met...except for when I was super young.

Rudy Parisotto died recently.  He was Americo Parisotto's brother.  Americo was my father's father.  I don't remember Nono, but I  remember Nana.  Her name was Martha birth name.

We'd go to Springfield every Thanksgiving to a big chaotic, Italian experience.  I remember being a little girl and loving the whole deal. People everywhere--yelling, not AT, but TO each other!  Men would be sitting and gossiping.  Women would be up and cooking.

Nana taught me about gnocchi, an Italian potato dumpling.  I remember being as tall as her apron strings.  I remember her very round Italian belly...and gnocchi.

My great uncle's daughter recently told me that Nana didn't know much English, but she sure knew English curse words! 

~~Oh, Phor Phuck's Sake!  That explains my "habit"~~

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