Sunday, May 30, 2010

~~Parisotto Journey--Frances~~

Within 60 minutes of my leaving the hotel to search for clues regarding my mother's identity or whereabouts, I hit the wall.  I am not discouraged but sorely disappointed.

My first stop: Rochester police department.  I stood outside the door and rang the bell.  No one there.  Rochester have three cruisers.  Numbers 1 and 2 were parked outside the police department.  A bit dejected, I started to leave the parking lot.  

As I got to the intersection, I spotted "Number 3!"  Okay...I'm gonna stop the cop (for a change).  He was sitting behind high brush to nab speeders.  So...I pulled over by him...but far enough away that he didn't think I was a threat a pull his weapon on me!  Phor Phuck's Sake!

I walked up to his cruiser, and when he noticed me, he got out.  I showed him my birth certificate and asked for his guidance.  "Do you know where this RR 1 is?  Do you know if this person is around?  I don't think she is around, but are there others with this name around?"

The officer was amazing.  As I stood there in the median, hiding behind the brush, he checked his computer again and again.  He then called the dispatcher to get help.  The two of them did as many searches as they could.  They even found "him" in Belleville.  I saw it.

Anyway, no go.

Again, I am not yet discouraged, as I have two more "traps to run," that I know of.  Just disappointed.

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