Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Jennifer Berry Ealey
yes,I did! I just joined this family 5 years ago and they are such wonderful people! (This part of them,that is) I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,and the reason you found them is to finally get to know the not so nasty side of the Parisottos :) I wish every day since I met you that you could have met Rudy and get some ... See Moreanswers,but maybe the answers you are searching for are too painful to bare and thats why you met them after... noone will ever know... I hope we keep in touch :))
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MiMi Paris
MiMi Paris
Oh Lord.. Jen...You are so perceptive. I am deeply hurt that I was/am a part of the nastiness.... but I don't feel it. I am such a loving, caring, sensitive person. I am not the monster that they are/were. I will write more in my blog what I did when I left Springfield. Just not today. Today is my meltdown day. I knew it would happen. 
Today is the day.

I don't ever HOPE. I DO. We WILL stay in touch! Love you!

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