Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~~Road Trip, Finale~~

Up by 6 and out the door by 6:15. 

Jill called to come to help, but before she called us, she called her massage therapist, who is also clairvoyant. The therapist told Jill that Gracie is in the woods near the house, that no one has her and that we would find her that day.

Okay...for what it is worth. We hung up and started onto the path into the woods. 

Anne was looking forward and I just happened to look up on the right. I SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   "There she is!!!"  

As we were passing, "Softly saying, 'Gracie...good girl...Gracie," she just popped up, ears forward, as if to say, "Hi Mommies!  It's about time you got home and found me!"

I went around one way and Anne around the other.  At 6:30am, Gracie was found and so very happy!!! 

She was so happy that she pooped.  So did we. So there.

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Jimmy's Journal said...

Since Anne doesn't post more on her blog, I was unaware how she found Gracie. You did well and I'm quite pleased.

Have a great fourth of July!