Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~~Road Trip, Part Two~~


We got up in the morning and got a message that Gracie was still not home. We looked at each other with that "knowing mother's" look.  We must cut our trip short and go directly home.

It's okay.  Not to worry.  Just one mile at a time...and a helluva lot of them! 

Anne was so sad and so worried.  I pretended not to be...but I was.  Just like there are special needs dogs for humans, Gracie HAS the special needs.  She is so very afraid of humans and is lost.

We climb in the pimpmobile and are off.  Silence isn't like us, but we were. 

Anne was so tired.  She put her seat back and put her pigs up on the dashboard.  Yes...we named people who do that, too.

Weary of of chewing my gum, I put the chewed piece on her drink lid.  She saw it a few minutes later and popped it in her mouth.  Of course, that was mean and I laughed.

After a LOT of trauma and tears, we pulled in the driveway around 8p.  Even before we unloaded, we grabbed the flashlights and went to call Gracie. 

We trampled through woods, weeds, water and poison stuff.  No Gracie. We planned to get up super early and continue searching.

Exhausted we went back to the house and unloaded the car.  I have no idea what time it was when we finally passed out.. 

~~ Sigh ~~ 

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