Thursday, June 3, 2010

~~Road Trip to Springfield...con'td~~

The birthday party was surreal for me. It was as if I were an outsider looking in at all of this.  I met cousins.  I met another great aunt, Aunt Teresa, Rudy's sister. She is 93 and hysterical!  She cried when we met, as she is "Johnny Wayne's" god-mother. People were everywhere!  It was an out-of-body experience. I've never been at a gathering of family...MY family.  I am used to being an outsider at others' family functions, but never an insider at MY family function.  Too strange.

(Aunt Teresa and Cousin Larry)

Someone once told me, "Happiness is about expectation management."  I had no expectations going into this event, so I was pleasantly surprised.  No one left me alone.  And those of you that know me understand how important that was for me. I wonder if they intuitively knew to keep me company? 

The birthday bash only lasted for two hours, but it seemed to last much, much longer. When it was all over, Becky asked if I wanted to go to her mother's house and sift through pictures of the family.  She was the flower girl at my father's wedding, and she was certain that her mother would have pictures.  

She pulled a very large, dusty box that was falling apart from the attic. She sat it on the floor, and we dove in.  

Soon, Dave, Becky's brother (my cousin), came in with a beer.  "MiMi, do you like beer?  Or wine?"  Oh, please.  I love wine!  "Mom has some cooking wine!  Let's drink it!"  Ha!  I'm going to fit in just fine!  As all good Italians do, we drank the wine from tumblers, not wine glasses.  Love it!  

We need to eat, so we call Laura Rose, and ask her to get pizzas.  Laura comes over, brings pizza and more wine.  Good thing because I knocked over my tumbler!  Wine everywhere!  Good thing Mom just left for the mice can play!

We had such a good time--drinking wine, eating pizza, sifting through pictures and getting to know each other--family.

~~more to come~~  

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