Friday, June 4, 2010

~~Road Trip to Springfield...con'td~~

So, we were sitting there at the kitchen table in the small, old home in which my cousins grew up, 1633 Milton Street.  We were eating pizza, drinking wine, and generally having a great time.

We were rummaging through old pictures...and looking specifically for any of John and Ruth (my step mother) at their wedding.

Two other cousins, David and Doug came in.  Doug and his girlfriend Jen (she is a jailer) brought her two young children.  Now, the little house was full of people and activity.

 Smile, Dave!

 Meet Doug Parisotto.

We were digging through mounds of faded, dusty photos, stopping here and there to poke fun of the funny ones.
I picked up a white folder from the pile and opened it.  Immediately, I threw it across the table.  There it was.  I would be the one to find the photo for which we were searching.

Becky picked it up.  There she was, the little flower girl.  Also, there stood  Uncle Rudy and Cousin Joey in the photograph.

I was sick to my stomach to see the images staring back at me.

After we saw the picture, Dave had a great idea.  He said, "Let's call Joey.  He may know more than anyone here!"

~~about Joey next~~

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