Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~~Road Trip to day~~

I am not sure if I am a "gotta have the last word" person.  You'd have to ask others about that.  Actually, don't ask, as I don't  want to know.

Anyway, on this particular occasion, I DID want to have the last word. Several posts back I wrote my feelings as I prepared mentally and emotionally for my trip to Springfield. When printed, it turned out to be a full three pages of painful passion.

I knew that confronting my father for ruining my childhood and much of my adulthood would do nothing for me.  And I wanted to do something that would help me, not hurt me.  

So, like a criminal, I went to the local Dollar Store in Springfield for "supplies."  I bought duct tape, large water-proof baggies and a pair of scissors.  I bought a bottle of "Dago Red" and went back to my room.  I stuffed 8 copies in 8 of the bags and sealed them, as it was supposed to rain.  I packed the bags, the tape and the scissors.  I was getting ready to complete my final mission on this particular road trip.

The next morning, I rose early to head south to Belleville.  I knew exactly where I was going.  My first stop was at my "brother's and his wife's house."  I parked slightly away from the house so no one could see me.  I cut to large pieces of duct tape and taped two bags on his house.  I wanted to tape one on his old, ratty pick up truck, but it was parked in front of a window.


Then, I went to 604 Villa Drive, Belleville, IL.  The old place had not been kept up at all. The 3/4 acre lot that I used to have to mow by hand was overgrown. The paint was peeling from the garage door and from the wooden frames around the red brick home.  All the curtains were drawn tight.  I will bet you it was dark inside.  And he was in there.

I know he was.  I've been told he is house bound.  Once I saw the place, I turned around and parked at the top of a hill out of sight.  I then prepared three bags.  Once they were prepared, I quickly pulled into the driveway up to the garage door.  I jumped out and taped a bag to the window of the garage.  Another crappy pick up truck was parked inside.  I then ran up the stairs to the front door and taped another bag to the concrete stairs.

Finally, I pulled out, jumped out and taped another bag to the banged up mailbox.
 So, I am not sure if I am a "get the last word in," person, 
but I got the last word this time!

Oh...I forgot, I posted the other bags on telephone poles along the street!


Daniellabella's Blog... said...

Oh wow!!!! genius!!!!!!

Tressa Bailey said...

I love you!!!! You have your own power and are not afraid of it. You rock!!!