Friday, June 4, 2010

~~Road Trip to Springfield...Joey~~

Becky searched her mother's hand written phone book to find Joey's Florida home number.  She called.  He answered!

After a few moments she put Joey on speaker, and we heard, "Oh MiMi!  Oh MiMi Parisotto!  I cannot believe you are there!  MiMi!!  MiMi, the last time I saw you, you were a little bitty baby with casts on your legs!  Oh MiMi!"

Then Joey told us more.  He told us that Johnny never told the family that he had two babies.  We were in foster care from the time I was 11 months old and dumped in a city park until I was 5 years old.

Joey told me that they (John and Ruth) told the family that they "found" two little kids in foster care, and that because Ruth couldn't have children, they were going to adopt the two little ones.  What phucking BULLSHIT!  I have my phucking birth certificate, you cock sucker!

Joey told me that no one liked Ruth...that she was a skinny little bitch that needed a "phucking" bowl or two of pasta!  (He loves to say "phuck," too.  Said it is a "Dago thing.")

Net/net, my father and his "bride" lied to their family and denied parenthood.  Nice.  So...where the phuck is my mother?

Joey said that Mac and Martha, my grandparents, would beat Johnny until he bled.  They were incredibly abusive.  Johnny beat me constantly...that wasn't an excuse.  Sorry.  No excuses.  None.  Not ever.  Not even close.  I never beat my children.  I had to take the abuse and it effects and stop the pattern of abuse.  I did, you sorry son of a bitch.

Joey was so sad that all this had happened to me.  But just as happy that he "found" me.  I cannot wait to meet him in person.  

Aside from the horrible truth, speaking with Joey was so much fun!  He is a 61-year old "exotic" dancer.  You can read more about him in a few posts back.  Don't miss it!

He dances for "mature" women with his dance troupe.  ALL money...even tip money...goes to charities. Joey....


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