Monday, June 7, 2010

~~Road Trip to Springfield...Mom~~

On the first day of my road trip, I had to muster the courage to even get ON the road. I was in pieces before I left my hotel room. On that same day, I had to face debilitating fear...yet again in life.  But I did experience unconditional love from family...something I never, ever had...not ever.

On the second day, I had to face crushing disappointment on my quest to find any clues about my mother.  She lived in Rochester, Illinois.  
One thing that gave me great peace is that she came from a beautiful space in the world, with green lush hills, mature trees and many lakes and streams.  (hmmmm....)

I really appreciated seeing where she lived, as it was tranquil, quiet and a gentle way.  I also appreciated the spirit of the place.

And in the spirit of looking for blackberries...even through the thorns...  I am so thankful that the Universe placed this on my pathway to Mom's place.  How lovely....and APPROPRIATE!

Thank you, Universe!    

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