Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~~Road Trip~~

Bear with this post, as you might find it a bit disjointed, but then again, so was our road trip!

We started off fairly early...for us. Loaded and fired up the PIMPMOBILE around 7am.  Off to lovely Payson, AZ where we stopped for breakfast. Anne sat down and when the server asked what she wanted to drink, Anne snapped, "I want coffee NOW!"  REEEEAR  (claws out!)


She really didn't mean it the way it came out, but service was certainly swift after that.  We were in and out of there in 30 or less.  Let's go!

I'll save the boring details of where we passed, but will share the funny way we passed!

~~ Have you ever played "20 Questions" with someone you know VERY well?

~~ Have you ever laughed so hard that you couldn't breathe...until your friend             threatened that if you pee'd in her new car, she'd throw you out...in the desert?

I will not print what made me laugh so hard. 
Email me if you really want to know!

~~ Have you ever re-named every race on the planet, including your own?  (Again, email me....if you dare....)

~~ Have you ever been in a two bedroom suite and continued emailing each other on either side of a closed door?

~~ Have you ever exited the highway to hide from a cop?


So...I was "slightly" speeding, and I saw him turn around on the interstate. Phuck!   He is after us! Okay, next exit, we are exiting and going to hide in a parking lot. He is  behind us. Oh...gosh...where is the next exit. One mile. Okay... we exit... Crap... HE exits. Calm.... calm... pull in a auto shop and hide.... Whew! He goes on! (Ya think I've done this before?) Yep.... COPPPPPPERS!


~~ Have you ever seen the National Petrified Forest?  Where are the trees?

~~ Have you ever seen a petrified wood?

 ~~ Have you ever had a server come up to you and say, "Hi, my name is Birtha.  My fiance is in prison.  What may I get you?"

~~ Have you ever been in a car in which a woman climbs in and screams, "Owwww!  I hit my cl*t!!!?


That was nearly the end of our fun, as we got the dreaded call that Anne's "special needs" rescue lab was lost.  Gracie needed her mommies to come home quick.


~~~~~~~more to come~~~~~~~

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