Thursday, July 8, 2010


I just got off a two-hour telephone call with my newly-found cousin, Joey Parisotto.

Joey offered me a tremendous amount of insight into the Parisotto clan. I wish I had known his father, Joe, as Joe was the family protector.  He helped everyone in the family that needed anything...anything at all.  From what Joey said, everyone went to his father, and his father took no "shit" from anyone.

Joey told me that he was "ousted" from the family when he "outed" himself as a gay man.  I'll save you from all the gory details of the family secrets, but I will share the funny stuff.

And if you don't think this is funny stuff, go away.  So there.

Joey lives in Largo, FL where he spends his afternoons phlebotomizing people in the local hospital.  (That means he plays vampire and draws blood.)  He spends his evenings as an "exotic dancer."

Well, apparently, he works with a hot shot that is very "curious" about gay activity and brags that he is a stud in bed with his girlfriend.

One day, the stud starts asking Joey questions about gay sex.  Joey responds, "Gay sex is like straight sex, you moron. And I can bet you that I am better at everything than you will ever be!  I can please both sexes!  So I am doubly better than you!

In fact, I was fucking pussy before I was sucking cock, so shut your face!"

Joey says, "If you sweep your own porch, you won't have time to worry about your neighbor's porch!"  (In other words, live and let live with an open heart!)

I love my cousin Joey.