Monday, August 23, 2010

~~Crown King, AZ~~

I am usually up for new adventures, so of course, I say, "Sure."  Here was the idea: spend the day traveling up the back roads to Crown King ( I LOVE Crown King, so sounds like fun. 

Have maps; have supplies (wine); have "Arizona Backroads"; have Tater.  Okay...on the road by 7a. 

I need to change the name of someone to protect the guilty.  Okay...let's name him,  "Goober."  So...first off, Goober gets all mad because we get into traffic work backups... Let the Turret's Syndrome begin....and it's still early.  I say, "Have a little patience."  "I have no patience."  Lord, it is STILL early.

We get off the highway...onto the "backroads."  (I learned to do my OWN research after this!)

The road was "built" over 125 years ago...and is only maintained by hard-core off-roaders.  (I'm not one.)

Over 30 miles of white knuckles, moving cry and lots of screaming. Not for the faint of heart...and not for me!  Goober was sweating bullets...not because it was so treacherous, but for fear of death by spouse.

You know you are hillbilly land when you have beg people not to shoot you.

Upon PERSONAL review of the description of this backroad in "Guide to Arizona Backroads," I read the following, "Most trails require vehicle modification. Lifts, differential lockers, aggressive articulations, and winches recommended. Body damage likely."  (WHAT THE PHUCK ARE WE DOING IN THIS PHINE MESS, GOOBER?)

If you look closely, you will see the Jeep's own body damage; the running board was broken off. My body damage included lots of bruising.  Goober sustained no injuries...yet.

Yes!  It is time for a cocktail....or 10!  (Phor Phuck's Sake!)

 Whiskey for my men!  Beer for my!


Tressa Bailey said...

loved it!

Joe Sidlauskas said...

Crown King = hidden jewel & so close to the Valley! Miss it. Seattle Joe