Monday, October 11, 2010

~~Fall in Flag~~

Nothing signals the Fall season better than golden aspens in the high country.  

Timing of the elements is key to seeing aspens in the peak of their glory. For the best look, you need to get to the high country 7-10 days after the first freeze of the season...and that is IF there is no storm in between to knock the leaves away.

Flagstaff's Snowbowl ( keeps its ski lift open all year, so visitors can enjoy the views. 

The Snowbowl got its first freeze and snow about a week ago, so timing was "almost" right.

The aspens in the pines peeked out with blue skies and bright new snow in the background.

....Enjoying  a "cold" cocktail....

These aspens are just turning.  In a few days, the leaves will burst like pots of gold, blanketing the mountains with color!

Heading back toward the Valley, we stop at Slide Rock Park.  

~~The world traveling Tater~~

~~Arizona Rim Country~~

A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to the north pole of Arizona, Page and Lake Powell. I had no clue what to expect, and since happiness is often a matter of expectation management, I didn't expect much.

And just when you least expect, life's surprises occur.  

Lake Powell, built in 1972 at Glen Canyon, defies the word "beauty."  Take the drive up a long incline...and just as you arrive at the crest....

The Glen Canyon Dam rose out of the Colorado River in 1963.  See Powell on one side of the dam and the river on the other side.

In the evening, we cruised around in the "Canyon Princess."  (I suppose that makes me the "Canyon Queen.")

Next, we're off to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  I've never been to the North Rim; like most people, I've only experienced the South Rim.

The drive there takes you through lovely cuts in the rock and desert valleys.

...and through herds of....

...vast meadows of aspens...
...and BUFFALO!!!!

The Grand Canyon Lodge...front and back...

And in the morning....Bright Angel Fault...

Finally.... Buffalo Burgers and Beer at the Buffalo Grill!

So there.