Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well, mark this day, as this is finally the day that I finished writing the book about my life.  I have not published it, and the thought of "pulling the trigger" is causing me to have an anxiety attack of grand proportions. Once I pull the trigger, everything is "out there."  As one of my best friends says, "You can't un-fuck a fuck."

I am shaking uncontrollably.  I even ate a bowl of spicy chili, thinking that it would help me stop the shaking.  It didn't. Thank GOD for leftover xanax, phor phuck's sake.

I have been wanting...and others have been prodding write this for many, many years.  I finally was able to right the tragedy of my life in a shroud...of humor.  Thank GOD for humor, phor phuck's sake.  It is the REAL saving grace in life.


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