Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Spring 2011 has brought a plethora of blessings. And what a ride it is...

First, take a look at spring in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It really does snow here!

And because I spent much of my time and energy caring for my Mother-in-law, her sons encouraged me to take a break with friends and head north to one of the few vortexes of the world, Sedona, Arizona.

Just a few days after I got home, Mother died.  It was time to take her home to her sunflowers in Kansas.

Look at the stately stone building (with antique gas pumps) we passed.  (Yes, it was snowing in Kansas, also.)

On our way back from Kansas, we traveled through the lovely High Country of Arizona and came across tranquil, beautiful snow made mountain lakes. The breeze was crisp and blew pine scents through the air.

When we returned, it was time to start another growing season in the garden, a real place of therapy and peace for me.

And I love guests in the garden....