Thursday, April 28, 2011


As you know, I was born "Martha Mary Parisotto," and last year brought so many wanted (and some unwanted) surprises as I delved into the questions of my dark and painful past.  I promised never to write about it I won't.   So there.

HOWEVER, this year has brought some inexplicable, exciting surprises for me.

Remember Cousin Joey?  (Yes, he is the flamer with the fish...whom I love so dearly!)

Well...through him, I have been able to connect with cousin after cousin after cousin.....get BRAZIL!!   

One of my dear cousins, Camilla Parisoto, is teaching me to speak Portuguese using our video cams! We are having a blast getting to know each other.  Woot Woot!!! (Gotta love Google Translate!)

You noticed that I spelled Cami's name differently?  Yes... It seems that there are many ways to spell our last name.  Another cousin Edson Parisotto put together an online group of Parisotto's..... some even spell it like this: PariZotto!  

There are 283 of us so far.  I am finally becoming proud of my birth name and am thinking of changing it back...and some of my cousins are thinking of taking on "Paris" as their last names!


MiMi there.


Nikki Thompson said...

That is awesome! going back to your roots haha, how thrilling that is to meet a part of your family & have fun getting to know them.

Cami said...

Oh! Mimi I'm so grateful to God put in my way good people like you!! And you're mmy cousin!!! it's so nice! I love our classes of english and portuguese and you're a very good student!! and it's help me with my english because i don't talk so good... So, thank you very much for everything! you are making my day so much better!! I Love You!!