Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, this has been a very "lively" few months for me.  I had my yearly check up which includes a mammogram.  Mammograms are not fun, by any stretch, but this one was particularly "violent."  In fact, it was so aggressive that it disfigured my left breast...

After a night of panicking to a friend, I went to the doctor the next day.  He told me that I would need to have the breast reconstructed; ergo, both would need to be reconstructed. 

But before I scheduled my surgery, I needed to wait because I had committed to taking care of my girlfriend in Kansas City; she was having major surgery. We had to wait then until she was well enough to come to Scottsdale to take care of me!  Lord.

Since I had to go in for surgery, I asked the doctor if I was a candidate for a tummy tuck.  "No, but you could benefit from a mini one."  Okay, I said, "Let's do it."

The wait from the mammogram to the surgery was painfully long.  I just wanted it over.

On surgery day, July 26, I went in at 5:30 in the lasted just over 4 hours.  I stayed overnight.  

I went to my friend's house to stay for several days.  I barely remember ANYTHING, as I slept most of the time.

When I took my first shower, I was SHOCKED at how bad my left breast looked.  I asked my friend to take a picture.  I won't share it because I care for you, my readers, too much to shock you, too. 

The doctor saw it and told me to get an ultrasound. The results showed a massive hemetoma (900cc's) that my body was not absorbing. The day after the ultrasound (and two days after my friend went home), I went to the doctor to discuss the results.  I should have known something was amiss when he was wearing scrubs in his office!  

"We are finding an operating room for you right now.  Get to the hospital."  No time to call anyone or anything.  Emergency surgery.  No time to call anyone....had to go NOW. it is more than a month from the first surgeries later...and less than that for the emergency.  

I feel better, and I know I will feel better as more time passes.  The biggest challenge, however, isn't so much the pain, but the mental disability this created for me.  I don't have the sharpness that I usually enjoy.  I hope that will return soonest.  I am mentally and physically lackluster. you know.   And I so appreciate your patience in all this nonsense~!!

Thank you!!!!

p.s.  I just got a letter yesterday saying, "You may have breast cancer. Call your doctor."

I'm gonna wait for him to call me.....sigh....  


Societieschild said...

Your a tough cookie with a good head on your shoulders. Your surrounded, be it by internet or right next door, by people who love and respect you. Don't let this keep you from being you. Your funny and caring and thats why I like you. I am not a praying man but for you my friend I will start. My wife went through chemo and the entire time I begged her "Don't let this beat you. You beat it." So I offer the same advise to you my friend, my sister......Love ya MiMi

Anonymous said...

Possible breast cancer? Call the doctor now. Research the disease, find the best hospital to do the tests, etc. Gotta have you around.