Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~~A Break from the HEAT~~

"Bearizona" is located in lovely Williams, AZ, north of Phoenix. This amazingly quaint town has so much to offer, including the Grand Canyon Railroad, "The Gateway to the Grand Canyon."

Bearizona is a drive through park with divided areas for the variety of animals.

Alaskan Wolf
Bears were relaxing, hanging out...walking across the road....basically acting like they own the place.  They do.

After you enjoy the drive through portion of the park, you get to walk through an extensive walking path that winds through acres of habitat.  You'll see baby racoons, a Canadian lynx, bobcat, piglets, turkeys, peacocks, foxes, baby bison and more!  

This cub was eating a piece of bread.

And a loud noise frightened these three up a tree....

Not certain that this guy was part of the display....


Unknown said...

Very nice. The snake was a bonus. I am glad you had a great time there. It is one of my new favorite places and will return every chance I get. I have been 6 times in the last year since they opened : )

Jack Partin said...

That last comment was from me ( Jack )