Saturday, April 28, 2012

~Big Time in Santa Fe~

Pat and I had another big time in Santa Fe today...and the day isn't even over yet.  (More to come!)

First, I started off with a walk to Pat's place.  On the way, I spotted this guy...a sure sign that spring has sprung in Santa Fe!

How she passed me passing her on the road, we haven't a clue.  SCREEEECH!  U-y!

We then headed for brunch at Zia's.  Amazing food!  We each had a smoked salmon quesadilla.  Wisteria draped this trellis outside Zia's.

After we ate, we decided to walk to the Plaza for some people watching.

We decided to walk...and when we got to the plaza...we thought it was a bad decision.  It got cold and breezy, so we had to hitch a ride home.

I ran, "Hey, can you take us to our car? We parked too far away."  He said, "Sure, I need the exercise!"   SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we were at the car, we ever so NOT delicately dismounted the carriage.

Off we go to a cemetery that Pat has been fascinated by for years.  "Let's go," I say.  We get there...and once we get there, we see that we cannot get into the Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery.  Hmph....  We see an open-door salon, so we cross the street.  The hair designer, clearly a native, told us that those are paupers' graves.  Only names and approximate ages....indigents.  Now, we know.

One last adventure before we rest for the evening's shenanigans.  Pat drives to Canyon Road to visit the Bronze Sculpture Park.  

Tonight, we are going to the famous "locals'" place, Maria's, for New Mexican fare.

And for the the finale this evening, we are crashing the "2012 CLOSET BALL," a drag queen party being held here at The Lodge, just doors down from my room.

Should be so much PHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'll get pics.......)


Friday, April 27, 2012

~~Road Trip Phun~~

Already exhausted from a long night prior, I set out for Santa Fe around 7:20am on Thursday. My goal was to check into the hotel around 4:30p. (Sometimes my goals are too aggressive.)

Rain kept me company on and off...mostly on...until I rain into a hail storm in Holbrook, AZ.

I was BEAT by the time I reached Gallup, NM, so I decided to make a short stop to get my energy up. I found an historic hotel/motel, El Rancho in the old downtown.

Upon entering the hotel, I knew this was going to be a special stop. Opened in 1937, El Ranch was home to many movie stars that made films in the area. Ronald Reagan, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Kirk Douglas, and John Wayne were among the hotel's guests.

I went into the hotel, and the sun was bright. I left the hotel, and the rain was back!

And then a dust storm before making it to Albuquerque, NM.

With wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, I finally 'blew' into town around 6pm.

I was soooooo tired from the drive that all I wanted was room service. Not gonna happen.... but they had a restaurant.

I ordered a martini and was sent back to my room to get an ID! REALLY?!

More to come.....

Road Trip to Santa Fe

One of my best friends in the whole world, Pat Goehe, lives in lovely Santa Fe, New Mexico. After reading her very personal screenplay last week, I was so moved that I wanted to jump in the Jeep and drive to visit...immediately.

I called her and we planned the trip for this week.

Time for another adventure!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Gotta love the 'ol bucket list.  To check this item off, I climbed in a wicker basket!

Monday, April 16, 2012

~~Arizona Day Trip~~

When you leave on a Sunday morning to take a spring day trip in Arizona, you can never predict what will be in store for your adventure.

We took a road trip to Mt. Lemmon, which is near Tuscon.  Who knew that we'd encounter SNOW in BEAR COUNTRY in April? 

After a bout of altitude sickness (Don't ask), we arrived at the 8200 elevation restaurant, The Iron Door, the simply elegant cabin restaurant at the top of Mt. Lemmon.

While sitting at the window table, we saw some beautiful birds and learned that they are called "Stellar Jays." Enjoy the captures.

Their name says it all, "STELLAR!"

Once we were full as ticks (sorry that I didn't take a picture of the warm blueberry pie with homemade ice cream), we headed down the rugged backside of the mountain.  It is somewhat usual to get stuck or blow a tire.  I was not in the mood for that, so here's to hoping.

One of the coolest features of Arizona is sharing space with such diversity of wildlife.  We rounded a corner and ran into these wild things.

Further down the road, I was macro capturing some wildflowers and looked up to capture these beauties.

Oh...and this tough guy thought he's protect us....

Oh.....and one more capture...of something I've never seen nor ever expected to see.......


Friday, April 13, 2012

~~April Beauty in AZ~~

The garden is growing at an amazing rate this season!  Maybe it is due to all the poo I put in.  

I also found this terrific product that helps with the watering issues here in Arizona!  Great stuff!  (Home Depot)