Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~~Zoo Do~~

Zoos are favorite destinations, so we are off to the San Diego zoo!

The first sign of wildlife was this lovely siting...

The next siting was phunny.  Sorry for the window glare, but you "get the picture."

This is the same guy....

Turned the corner to see BIG DADDY!

And then there was this toothy guy... only 2 tons... what a cutie....

Flamingos get their pink color from their diet that is full of carotenoids. They eat a lot of shrimp, prawns and other crustaceans that cause them to turn from a grey when they are young to pink.  (Glad you asked?)

Homemade snow helped these big beauties enjoy their space.

Oh...and these babies were the best.  (Oh...and this is when the clueless chick spilled my entire new and really cold beer!  ...but I digress...)

...and who doesn't love leopard print???? takes a village... "Come, Little One, Momma is over here....."

Lookout scout...and lazy day.

And finally....what a FACE!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~~I went to prison~~

Going to prison is humbling, even as a visitor. Yuma Territorial Prison, located in Yuma, AZ, held its first prisoner in 1876 and its last in 1909.  Over those few years, the prison housed 3,069, which included 29 women.  Crimes ranged from polygamy to murder.

Several films were made on the prison grounds, the last one being "3:10 to Yuma."  Enjoy "Hell on Earth," without biting the dust!

Guard House Overlooking the Colorado River

Entryway to "Hell on Earth"
Cell Blocks, Six Inmates Per Cell

111 prisoners rest in these shallow graves on premise.


Monday, May 14, 2012


I just learned of a 24-year old woman that gave a speech in a college course. During the Q & A portion, she divulged that she was placed in foster care at the age of 4. So often we hide our pasts for fear of judgement (the world can be intensely cruel).

Also, on some level, we internalize what happened to us, thinking that somehow what happened to us was our fault.

For example, I often wonder if I was literally--physically and emotionally--abandoned because of my severe deformities.

We think that we somehow deserved this shit.

And, of course, we did not. So there.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Played golf at Arizona Biltmore the other day. 

16th Elevated Tee

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Does this really need a caption? Think not.

Yep, this is what "boy" golfers do!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~May Day Harvest~

Cilantro tends to be one of those "love it" or "hate it" herbs.  I happen to love it!

When it starts to flower, harvest it so you can use it anytime of the year. 

Here's how:

Cut the cilantro close to the ground.

Separate any stray leaves, sticks or other debris.
Throw away (or back in the garden) anything but cilantro.

 Rinse thoroughly.

Place cilantro, stems and all, in a processor or blender.
(Actually the stems have the most flavor.)

 Add a little olive oil.

 Process until it becomes paste.

Place the paste in a mason jar and store in the refrigerator to use whenever you please in anything and everything!

~~Closet Ball~~

The Lodge, where I was staying in Santa Fe, was hosting the 4th Annual "Closet Ball," to raise money for AIDS research and education.  Being the open and adventurous kind that we are, Pat and I decided to take in the show.  (After all, it IS for a good cause...wink.)

Few of these photos need explanation....

Dancing Shadow
Natural Red Head
Nun "Barbie" with a paddle

Ball MC in a boa

"She" finally chose this one.... G'night, Gracie