Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dodge City... So not phunny...

First stop, Mariah Hill's Steak and Ale, supposedly the best in town. Nope. Closed.

Next stop, Montana Mike's. "Got wine?" Blackstone. "That will "do."" "Salmon, please...RARE...and I mean RARE."

Later..."Sorry, Ma'am, we have to cook seafood "well done."" REALLY?

Put a 10 spot on the table and left.

Next stop, Dodge House. "Just had a terrible experience at Montana Mike's; can you make things better?"

After seated, "Do you have a wine list?"

"Yes... here it is...."


Eklund Hotel in Clayton, NM

Server: Would you like to finish your bottle of wine?

Me: Yes.

Server: Okay, I will get you a bag.

Me: Huh?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip--Santa Fe, New Mexico

Consistent connectivity has been quite a challenge during this EXTENDED (three-month) camping trip, so I will need to catch up when I have consistent, strong connection. It is crazy how we are so connection-dependent. And, yes, I am the WORST...or is it the best?

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is MAGICAl for many reasons. It enjoys such a rich Native American culture, boasts of an eclectic mix of new/antique, young/old artsy/elegant...or better said...artsy and artsy elegant.

And the FOOD...oh...the FOOD! That must be another story....

Canyon Road is one of the best known secrets of the art world. (Yes...I did say "best known secrets.")

On Canyon Road, of course, I enjoyed the OBVIOUS art, but I re-discovered a passion I used to enjoy....DOORS!