Monday, November 5, 2012

~~Grave Site Photography~~

I'm a photography nutcase...okay...a nutcase in general. Most of my photography is candid life--nature, people and animals.  However, I do use photography to gift families by giving them a "virtual cemetery experience" by photographing their loved ones' final resting places.

People ask me about the process.

First, I get a request from 

Then, I visit the cemetery to ensure that the person is, indeed, there.  If he or she is there, I need to find them, using cemetery maps.

Then, because I think it is the right thing to do, I clean the marker.  I clip the grass, and brush any debris and goose poop away.  I wipe the marker as much as I can.

I take a few shots, making sure my shadow stays out of the shot!  (Morning shooting is best....)

Finally, I post the "fixed up" photos on the web site to the family, where-ever they are, can visit their loved ones.

Sometimes...I see something special I can add...

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ADB said...

I've photographed more than 400 (war) graves in my part of the world, but a large number of them are looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and others by relatives. Thanks for sharing!