Thursday, November 15, 2012

~~Phunny Stuff~~

You know that I live in the present, but every once in a while something reminds of me of phunny stuff in the past.

Many of us have "Bucket Lists," stuff we want to do, see or experience before we kick it.

At one time, I had "Drive a Big Rig" across the country...just one time...on my list. One day that fantasy got fulfilled in the most unusual way.

I was a traveling salesperson in a most unglamorous industry (another time), and I was driving back home from a seriously long day of visiting prospects and customers in southern Illinois. It was late afternoon and I was between little towns. Yes, you guessed it--I ran out of gas. So not phunny.

Those were the days before cell phones, by the way, so I got out of the car and started walking along the side of the my fitted red suit and black high heels.

Wonder why....but less than a minute passed and a big rig pulled over. There were two men in the cab and they asked me what happened. I was relieved and nervous--relieved that someone stopped, but nervous, because this is not a safe situation. Crap.

Embarrassed for being stupid enough to run out of gas, I told them.

"We can drive you to the next station about 20 miles north. Can you get up here?" Really? REALLY? My skirt is tight and the first step is up to my EAR! Phor Phuck's Sake!

The shotgun guy climbed down and said, "Okay, Lady, I won't look." I hiked up my skirt, he crouched down, grabbed my ass and launched me into the cab!

Off we go.....and check THAT one off the list!

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joolz paris said...

Trucker MiMi doin it in style!