Sunday, December 9, 2012

~~Biosphere 2~~

Located on a 3.14-acre compound just outside of the remote town of Oracle, AZ, Biosphere 2 was a born of an idea to create a self-sustaining eco-system that would also sustain humans.

Eight people, including a physician, engineers and scientists lived inside the structure from September, 1991 to September, 1993. They grew crops, chickens and a few goats. During the first year, they could not grow enough to maintain healthy weight, but the following year, they did.

Biosphere 2 created a lot of conflict in the scientific community. In fact, federal marshals invaded the compound at one time because it was believed its own were sabotaging the structure.

In 2011, the University of Arizona bought Biosphere 2 in hopes of revitalizing the buildings and grounds.

I found the IDEA to be interesting...and certainly the structure is. But the REALITY is truly wanting. It is run down, seems quite haphazardly put together and is just kinda...well...sad.

In November, 2012, U of A commissioned a 7.5 million project for a "New Life for Biosphere 2."

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