Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Can't Make the Good Stuff Up!

Can't Make the Good Stuff Up

Living in Arizona lends itself to surprises at just about every turn. Last week, I came eye to eye, literally, with a coyote that must have been lost in the neighborhood. (Or hunting in it!) Several months ago, a pair of bobcats said, "Caio, Baby," as I walked Tater near the reservation. All kinds of birds and other critters keep good company.

And then there are so many other characters about. Normally, I do not hang out in Scottsdale, because the gals are hunting for old money; the guys are hunting for new meat. Oops. Did I just say that? Yes, because it is what it is. So there.

However, if one wonders just a little north of "Snottsdale," and look to your right, you'll see a gun-toting, ten-gallon-hat wearing, one-eyed desert outfitter. In my childlike nature, I waved widely at him, and he returned the wave with another and a wild smile! He sure didn't seem to mind the attention or the camera!

Keen observation reveals the best life offers!

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