Saturday, January 5, 2013

~~On Being Right~~

If you really want to add more lightness, fun and pleasure in your relationships, ditch the need to be right. Being right is a heavy burden, because you have a constant need to defend your "rightness."

What is so grand about being right? Absolutely nothing. Being right is highly unattractive and repels others that just want to explore, learn and "be."

If others around you need to be right, let them. Who cares but them? It's a load that they carry, is unattractive and boring.

Being right is highly over-rated. Learning is so much more attractive!

So...I invite people that "know" to tell me what these beauties are. I just "know" they have one thing in common. They are amazing!

1 comment:

Tressa Bailey said...

made me smile....because I screw up all.the.time. LOL....I call it the phuckup phactor.