Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~~On Appreciation~~

Sometimes I feel frustrated because I do not receive the kind of or the level of appreciation from the sources from whom I want appreciation. This is actually self-inflicted frustration because it comes from a lack of simple acceptance.

Some people simply don't appreciate you. Some people don't appreciate what you do. Some people don't appreciate what you do for the reasons you do it. (Usually from a place of giving and love.)

If we simply accept that, we can get appreciation from other sources, with less frustration.

Maybe it's okay...and even preferrable to accept appreciation from where you can get it.

Puppy appreciation is as authentic as appreciation comes!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



If you are an active person, like me, being bed-ridden or otherwise nearly immobile, is a tremendous hardship--mentally, emotionally and, of course, physcially.

Before my foot reconstruction surgery, I prepared my garden. I weeded. I pulled out off the frost burned plants. I rotated the soil, raked it even and added lots of poop. I planted jalapeƱos, other peppers, tomatoes, leeks, onions, snap peas, cucumbers, radishes, oregano, cilantro and rosemary. The artichokes and the cauliflower survived the hard frost.

One week to the day after surgery...and barely into a lengthy recovery, I made my way out to the garden this morning.

The peas are popping; the radishes are rising; the herbs are healthy and happy. It is so beautiful to see and satisfying to watch.

So...though you cannot SEE growth and healing, if you just prepare and believe, it IS happening.

Prepare...leave it alone...and BELIEVE!