Saturday, July 27, 2013

~~Big Sur, California~~ (The "Big South")

Although Big Sur has no specific boundaries, definitions of the area include the 90 miles of coastline from the Carmel River in Monterey County south to theSan Carpoforo Creek in San Luis Obispo County, and extend about 20 miles inland to the eastern foothills of the Santa Lucias Mountains that jut directly up from the ocean.

Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the magnificence of the views because the fog was thick, low and heavy, as you can see here at the first stop into the Big Sur area.

Driving on the Big Sur in an RV can be stressful...very stressful!  So a Big Surprise in the Big Sur was welcome!

Fun atmosphere, good food and a needed rest!

The next day, a road trip back to the Big Sur was in order to visit "Nepenthe," a sure Sur icon! 

Nepenthe has a rich history and a visit to its web site is well worth your attention.

The dense fog kept me from capturing any other photos except the wine labels!  (And Lucia Winery is a keeper!)

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