Monday, July 22, 2013

~~The Library~~

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is less of a lesson in politics and more of a celebration of one of the most remarkably lived lives of all time.  A visit here inspires to be more, do more, live with more love and purpose. 

Sitting high in Simi Valley, the library grounds are as pristine as one could imagine.

As you wonder through the mazes of President Reagan's life, you get the sense that you could know him and befriend him.  You could enjoy a beer with him and laugh with him.

He was serious...and seriously funny, too.

The Oval Office....

....and the President's Choice....

Visitors get to tour the INSIDE of Air Force One.  Way cool, but no photos allowed!

I'm so not a museum I was bored on the inside for the most part....but I never got bored of President Reagan's life story...or wandering around the massive grounds.  

And I certainly never get bored of seeing this section of the Berlin Wall and hearing President Reagan's demand in 1987, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"


Jon said...

I enjoyed this post! I met Reagan when I was fourteen yrs. old. I was with my mother and Reagan was in the book department at Buffum's Department Store in Pomona, Calif.

Reagan was entirely alone. He was waiting for a book-signing event which was to take place in about an hour. My Mom and I talked to him for a long time. He was extremely kind and he looked much better in real than he does on photos.

This happened just before he became governor of California.
I still have the book that he signed for me.

joolzparis said...

Thank you for posting this. Australia is so far away. Its interesting to see a museum from a personal point of view and which gives a different perspective on an american president.
Thank you MiMi!