Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~~Astoria, Oregon~~

Astoria, a deep water port city, is situated on the south shore at the mouth the of the mighty Columbia River. The Astoria-Megler bridge stretches 4.2 miles across the river!

Patterned after the Trajan Column in Rome, the Astoria Column (125' feet tall) is the world's only large piece of memorial architecture made of reinforced concrete with a pictorial frieze in sgraffito technique. 

The column artwork illustrates the discovery of the Columbia River by Captain Robert Gray in 1792, the establishment of American claims to the Northwest Territory, the winning of the West and the arrival of the Great Northern Railway. 

And nearby is another gorgeous lighthouse, the North Head Lighthouse.

Established in 1898, North Head Lighthouse was erected where Cape Disappointment was meant to be. Because Cape Disappointment was mistakenly placed three miles south, shipwrecks were still occurring in the area around where North Head Lighthouse now stands.

And here is the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse....

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