Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~~Glass Beach, California~~

Fort Bragg's beach, Glass Beach, was named so because back in the early 20th century, residents threw their household garbage over the cliffs and onto the beach.  They threw away glass, appliances and even their discarded vehicles.  The "dump" was referred to as the "Dumps."

In 1967, city leaders closed the dump.  Over the later decades the pounding waves cleaned up the beach, but left tons of tumbled, smooth glass. 

Then, in 1998, the private owner of this 38-acre portion of the beach decided that it needed to belong to the public.

Now, the beach is frequented by tourists, and beach combing for glass is prohibited. Nearly all tourists, however, ignore the mandate.  And get this, there is presently a move to replenish the beach with discarded glass.

Here is a gang of the local "bad boys" cleaning debris...including glass bottles. Hmmm.......

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