Tuesday, September 17, 2013

~~Pike Market~~

This truly was a highlight of the trip, Pike Market in Seattle. Loved, loved, LOVED it!  Can't wait to go back! If I lived in Seattle, this would be my hiding place!

Iconic signage....

And, of course, the famous fish mongers....

Take a look at them....


The sights, sounds....and yes...the smells...

I especially loved the early morning hour before the market opened...the peaceful anticipation of the daily hustle! 

Peek at the street performers.... As completely ridiculous as it sounds, Pike Market is truly a very happy place!

This is the original Starbuck's logo... It was changed because it was deemed offensive to more than half of all coffee customers!

Watch cheese being made!

                                ~~The famous Ferris wheel on Pier 57~~

                                                        I LOVE SEATTLE!
                                         (Tossed salad and scrabbled eggs....)


Matt said...

Lisa and I are going to Seattle in October to visit our son. I've heard of this place from time to time, but never would have put it on our agenda...until now! I know we will love it from the pics you posted. I can already hear and smell the place. I hope all is amazing! - Matt

Juliana Paris said...

Absolutely loved it!. I'm there with you!.