Monday, January 20, 2014

~~Singh Farmer's Market~~

Holy Smokes!  Been forever since I've blogged!  I gotta get back on the blogspot!

As you know, I'm always up for an adventure. Some don't always work out as well, but some others make for a grand experience.

Singh Farmer's Market freaked me out when I started winding along the "paths" that are nothing more than vaguely outlined walkways of crushed wood chips.  I felt as if I were walking into the creepy backwoods of Louisiana...but I also felt that I was about to discover wonders that no one would expect on the east side of Interstate 101, on the Native American Reservation.

Let me take you into the "Garden."

As I wondered along the meandering paths, I questioned about whether all the "randomness" was really planned randomness or it just, like the seeds in the soil, just grew and ended up having a life of its own?

The soil must be crazy rich, because I've never seen just large vegetables in my life.  (There are also acres of compost on premise, too, probably lots of poop.)

Along with fresh veggies, you can pick up a loaf of artisan bread, a pastry, have a cup of coffee...or get one of those "healthy" juices.  Also, amazing chefs there whip up the most scrumptious lunch you will have all week!

~~Don't make it a Saturday morning stop; make it an event!~~

Greens Galore!

Nothing to Squash About!

Harem Scare 'em!

I'm a chicken. What are you?

Don't you love that twinkle?


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great photos. nice to see you blogging

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