Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~~Food Truck Festival~~

The Salt River Fields on reservation land, in addition to perfect January weather, created a perfect opportunity of foodies to get out and enjoy samples of the best the Valley of the Sun has to offer in terms of food truck culinary treats!

Thank goodness for a map, because there were over 50 trucks with every kind of food imaginable...from the traditional BBQ to seafood to Thai to Indian fare to sliders and to sweets.  

Enjoying the artistry of the trucks was as entertaining as tasting their dishes!

The line to The Maine Lobster Lady stretched a quarter of a mile...no exaggeration! 

A young band, "Plan B" entertained the roaming munchers with their music. 

And these guys have the perfect message for happy living!

~~Wow....all that entertainment can parch a person!  CHEERS!~~

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Stevi Rehberg said...

Just wonderful! Thanks, Mimi!