Friday, March 28, 2014

~~Flash Mob Dance Walk in Scottdale, AZ~~

Check out some of the sights along the Flash Mob Dance Walk in Old Town Scottsdale.  Should be a blast, so come on and bring a friend or 10!  

The route is 1.2 miles and about 4 songs long!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

~~Santa Fe Road Trip~~

All packed and ready to Jeep to Santa Fe, New Mexico for friendship and fun....

Tooliing along the historic highway and stopped in Gallup at the famous "El Rancho" Hotel for a bite....

The next day, we visited the traveling Vietman Wall, dedicated to those from New Mexico that served and died.

Enjoyed a yummy meal at the little French Cafe, Clafoutis.  Yes...Those are real anchovies on that Ni├žoise salad!  So shutty uppy!

Pat and I celebrating 30 years of life, love, laugther....and a few tears along the way....

Author of Game of Thrones purchased the Jean Cocteau Cinema in 2013.

Some of the cast of the movie, "50 - 1," a feel-good film about a New Mexico-trained horse, Mine that Bird, happened to be traveling through town at the same time we were.

(This was just a cool looking guy taking photos with his ipad.  Don't do that.  It is stupid.  Ha Ha Ha!)

And then there was the CANTINA...two nights in a row!  This is my dear friend Pat and singer Ken.

....and this is Ben singing and Bob playing the piano.... Smile, Bob!